Friday, July 2, 2010

How to Add Images and Scraps in Orkut Profile

As Orkut is a vastly used social networking website in India, still lots of people don't find ways to do some personalized task in Orkut. Most of the user is not being friendly with the new version of Orkut. But you will be glad to know that you can personalize your Orkut profile in New Orkut is very easy...

Here is the short description how you can add images in your Orkut profile.

Go to new Orkut.. Watch the picture below
1. Click on profile.

2. Click on the edit button at the right side, then click on edit text

3. A space will be opened to enter the code, before enter it click on html btn as shown in picture
The find some about me images from
choose any image that you like, then copy the code and paste that into that given space(marked as no 4in image)  in your orkut profile

Now Enjoy...


  1. Nice post, thanks for the information.

  2. Good, now I can fully update your profile, photos! Thank you for the useful information for me.

  3. its been long i have not even logged in into my account its not so handy..thanks for the info

  4. thanks... going to try Orkut :)

  5. Good post. I'll forward this to my friends. Thank you.

  6. Thanks, I didn't realize I could personalize my page in Orkut. I actually haven't used it in a while.

  7. Thanks for this tuto, Orkut looks like a very popular website, i'll check it soon!

  8. Orkut is not really that flexible... :(