Friday, February 19, 2010

Holi - The Event of Colours

Holaka or Phagwa generally known as HOLI is celebrated by all the people in India.It is a festival which brings the color in our life.It generally celebrates the beginning of spring time.So this event brings also the fragrance of love along with it and mixes up in the air and touches the hearts of people in a way to let them rejoice in the color of happiness.

Generally Holi is an agricultural festival.At this time people throw off all the grieves and devote themselves to enjoy the liveliness of vitality.The history of holi is attached with some mythological stories but in all the way it is an event by which people leave all the sorrowness apart from their life temporarily and come closer to each other to make the atmosphere glorious and cheerful to promote their life in such a way to make it bright and shinny.It breaks all the barriers between all the person whether he is men or women child or aged person or rich or poor and also try to make them realize that a colorful life always brings happiness and strength to recover all the ups and downs in our life.

Holi Scraps
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