Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valentines Day - Why and How to Celebrate

Valentines day generally celebrated by as to the lovers to express their love for each other by sending greetings cards, flowers gift items, sweets, chocolates on 14th February. But there is a history behind the celebration of this day which is a symbol of love, romance, affections. All these are occurred for the name of Saint Valentine. The Catholic church admits three different saint as Valentine, among them all were martyred. St. Valentine was a priest in Rome during the period of third century, at that time Emperor Claudius ll was in power.To build a strong battalion, he decided that single men are capable of being better soldiers than those who have wives and families. So he by allegation made an order to prohibit marriage of young men. But st.Valentine recognizing the injustice of this decree was continuing his performance for the young lovers which was no more longer come to be know by the emperor Claudius ll and he put st.valentine in jail. Other stories contain that st.Valentine in actual sent his first “Valentine” greeting himself while he was in prison. It is said that he might have been fall in love with the daughter of the jailer who came to him visit him in jail during his confinement. Before his death, St. Valentine wrote a letter putting his signature mentioned “FROM YOUR VALENTINE”. Another saint named Valentiune was found in Africa who was also martyred with a number of companion. Another Valentine was there known as Cupid in the page of history. According to Roman mythology, he was the son of Venus, the goddess of love as well known as Eros in accordance with Greek mythology. He is known as a mischievous boy who by his arrows wounds both gods and humans to fall in love. In the earlier times, people celebrated this day by sending valentine cards which were generally made people by their own hand. Then in 18th century, hand printed copperplate came in the place of paper-e-cards were in the shape of hearts. In later people exchanged small tokens which were actually hand-written loves notes. But now a days, lovers express their love by exchanging gifts, flowers, chocolates, greetings card and also jewellery and now it also signifies the social and economical status. The scope of wish has been widened. Now not only the lovers but also the parents, friends, teachers are been greeted on this day. The people now enjoy their special moment by arranging a candle night dinner or by participating various parties organized by several clubs and in India, the day is signified as the day for people to express their love, feelings, their affection for each other. But since 2001, Bal Thackeray and others is giving warning not to celebrate this day as it is highlighted as an imported western culture, specially in Mumbai and its surrounding place but over all people use to enjoy this day in their own way in India. At-last it can be said that by celebrating this day we are giving attribution to st.Valentine for his sacrifice of life. The day is a day for spreading love in the whole world in a specific manner with a specific meaning.Now people understand and its aim and meaning and accepts it gladly and also has widened its scope and made this celebration a part of the enjoyment in their life.

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