Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where to get beautiful image scraps and greetings for orkut?

Orkut has changed the teenage life in many ways. Not only the teenagers, the elders are also getting involved more and more. There reason is that orkut is very user friendly, easy to access and a very sophisticated way to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, relatives and loved ones. Orkut users can interact with their friends and relatives in different ways.  They can search friends, add friends and then send them beautiful image scraps and greetings to greet them, to share feelings, to show emotions. Its well-known that Images are most descriptive than words. That’s why sending images instead of text greetings and scraps is more interactive way to express feelings. There is lots of sites which provides images, graphics, glitter images, scraps and greetings for orkut.com. A lovely site for orkut scraps is http://www.goodlightscraps.com.

GoodLightscraps.com is one of the best and most beautiful place to get different types of the Orkut Scraps, Orkut Greetings, Orkut Images, Graphics, Glitters, Orkut Messages, Orkut Comments for Orkut Scrapbooks. Just go to the site then select appropriate category to send appropriate scraps or images, then choose which scrap or greetings or glitter image you want to send, then click on the box underneath the selected images and the code will be totally selected, then press ctrl+c or copy it, then go to the orkut scrapbook of your friend to whom you want to send the scrap and paste the code and submit. You need someone in your friendlist before you can send him/her a picture scrap. Its very easy to do and very userfriendly.
There is lots of varity like friendship scraps, happy birthday comments and greetings, hallo hi comments, thank you, missing you scraps, nature, teddy bear, flower images, season greetings, and greetings and scraps for other international or indian events. Hope everyone will enjoy this site.


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